Natural Resource Professionals, LLC

Specialized Wetland Consulting and Water Resources Engineering Services
Serving a defined market area of LA, MS, TX and AL (Professional Engineering Services in LA)

Scott Nesbit

Scott Nesbit, has provided clients with wetland consulting services since 1987 when the US Army Corps of Engineers officially recognized wetlands as a regulated “Waters of the US”. Since that time, Mr. Nesbit has gained widespread experience as a technical and regulatory wetland specialist, and has maintained NRP as a focused and efficient wetland consulting firm operating primarily within South Louisiana.

BS Horticulture Science, LSU

MS Soil Science, LSU
  • 25 Years Experience Section 404/10 and Coastal Use Permitting
  • Extensive field experience soils, wetland plant communities, wetland hydrology
  • Managed large-scale coastal monitoring projects
  • 15 years experience establishing wetland mitigation banks
  • Expert Witness Wetlands and Regulatory
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