Natural Resource Professionals, LLC

Specialized Wetland Consulting and Water Resources Engineering Services
Serving a defined market area of LA, MS, TX and AL (Professional Engineering Services in LA)


For projects impacting jurisdictional wetlands, developing a comprehensive permit strategy is essential for project success. Wetland permits (Nationwide or Individual) are federal actions that initiate a series of compliance considerations that may impact project completion and sustainability.

NRP's primary focus is securing Section 404/10 Permits from the USACE New Orleans District and Coastal Use Permits from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Management Division, for any project including municipal projects, oil and gas pipeline, sewer and drainage projects, residential and commercial development, and mitigation banks.  

NRP also secures related state and local "letters of no objection" or permits such as Levee Board approvals, state water quality certification, and stormwater permits. NRP’s clientele includes private landowners, land-based investment groups, oil and gas companies, real-estate developers, construction and engineering firms, and government agencies.  

In summary, NRP's purpose is to secure wetland permits for our client projects that makes them successful and sustainable.
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