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Mitigation Banking

Wetland Mitigation, or “Compensatory Mitigation” involves the buying, selling, and/or trading of “wetland credits,” for the purpose of compensating for impacts to wetlands as a result of Section 404 Permitting.  Compensatory Mitigation is among the most difficult facets of the environmental industry to understand. In South Louisiana a wetland credit can cost $20,000 - $60,000 per acre of impact.

NRP has extensive experience on all sides of mitigation and fully understands the mitigation options defined at CFR 33.

Securing mitigation at the right time and right price impacts the permit schedule and project costs. NRP will  only will we guide you through your wetland permit, but we will secure the most time and cost effective mitigation option available to you.  

We have been directly involved in the successful establishment of over 15 mitigation banks and project specific mitigation sites, totaling thousands of acres.  

Our team will guide you through the wetland mitigation process through initial site investigations, development of a mitigation prospectus, drafting of a mitigation banking instrument, and securing long term protection.

NRP is extensively connected in the mitigation industry, and can help create partnerships between landowners and mitigation bankers for the purposes of minimizing up-front costs and long-term risks, while maximizing the economic return on your land.

Recent and ongoing Mitigation Bank Projects in Louisiana include:

  • Bayou Thornton Mitigation Bank
  • Ash Slough Mitigation Bank
  • Spanish Lake Restoration, LLC
  • Avoca Island Mitigation Area
  • Cat Island Conservancy Mitigation Bank
  • Alexander Creek
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